The aircraft uses micro turbines driving ring motor generators that feed a distributed electrical power system. The electrical system will power ring motor turbines,(which are 66% lighter than conventional hub configurations and they produce higher thrust levels). Based on physical tests, the operating characteristics of four design configurations for the ring motor have been calculated. The projections indicated that 70 to 122 kW of continuous shaft output power is possible. This allows one configuration, weighing 25.6 lbs. and producing shaft output of 163 HP, to deliver 6.4 HP per pound of motor weight. The aircraft uses a configuration of three ring motor turbine units (one turbine set of two is counter rotating) and is capable of collectively producing over 500 HP and more than 3000 lbs of thrust.

   Graphene/Silicone Lithium batteries within the fuselage, which are recharged in flight, provide additional power for takeoff and a reserve landing in the event of a power out emergency.

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