UNION AEROSPACE (UAC) was founded as a business entity to design, develop, manufacture and market personal vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL). The company has researched, designed, developed and integrated all the necessary technologies required for an automobile and motorcycle sized VTOL aircraft. They include 3D computer flight control systems, navigation control, spherical thrust vectoring ducted turbines and aerodynamically stable composite airframe. Some of the most significant  technology is the 3D navigation control system, the IonDrive® power system and the STV® spherical thrust vectoring system.
   Our purpose is to research, design, and build personal air transport vehicles that are as safe, more efficient, and as easy-to-use as an automobile or motorcycle and would not be constrained by existing transportation networks, but will provide quick and easy transport to local and regional destinations.
   These Hybrid Electric Aircraft (HEA) have a green environmental signature in terms of noise, emissions, and fuel consumption.

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